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About adamfunk

Beatport TOP100 FUNK/RnB April2015:

#8 AFC Nu-Disco Exclusive EP

#70 Daddy Doing Funk (Original Mix)

   My aliases (Me, Myself and I): Adam Funk, Dan Lux, Magican, AFC AllStars, House Perfect, Night Lines and Some Secret Ones for Edits & Butlegs.

   Releases supported by: Renay, 5prite, Diego Castillo, Dialog UMFM, EZ, Fhaken, Something Global, Chukkles, Di Rugerio, Jace, Kato, Reginald, George Von Liger, Jason, Jason Bay, Loop_Str, Luis Deluxe, Niki Belucci, REMY ESTERA, Scalambrin&Sgarro, Sergio Matina, Stephan Grondin, Andre Lesu, Claas Reimer, DJJEALOUSY, Elton D, Markus Dc, Mario Ferrini, Rawness, Rob Waite, Buttkick, Edground, Jose Zaragoza, Scott Zimmo, Steve'Butch'Jones, J-Slyde, Vanilla Ace, Angel B, GINO GRASSO G&D, Simon Groove, The Funk Hunters, CYBERX, Systematic Fusion, Kaiser Gayser and people i forgot to mention.

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