About resonate

I have been making electronic music for around 16 years. I first got into it after having to give up playing guitar, due to a wrist injury.

My initial grand scheme in the electronic music making world was that I was going to make music along the lines of NIN and The Prodigy combined. Needless to say that I got a rude awakening when I actually tried to make my first track!

Throughout those 15ish years I dabbled in making my own sounds with the various software synths that came my way, with very little initial success. 

Now I am at a place where I am very comfortable making my own sounds with pretty much any synth I pickup, and in a wide variety of genres, so much so that I thought I should start creating preset packs and trying to sell them to producers that either don't have time, or inclination, to create their own presets, or they they don't yet have the skills to do so.

Take care.