About spiritbeats

Date of birth — July 31, 1991.
Never thought that I’ll start listening trap and even more — write music (beats) in this style. Suddenly it happened after I’ve getting to know one nice guy, Memphis’a and Screw & Chopped’s lover — Screwhead. At the beginning I was not understood the special features of this style, especially why hip hop tracks should be slow down and what is the reason of this steep in this. But after repeated listening I began to delve in to the trap atmosphere. The voice of an old man Juicy J was’t even recognizable such a feeling as if you you’re already emptied his glass hellish mixture and going out listening to the chopped track. So, after my acquaintances and new knowledge, I thought about why I did not start writing this kind of music as do the other guys, and I began to view the tutorials on YouTube for writing this dirty south music. It was the 2013 year and I first opened the fl studio. I’ve been trying something in her figure at the top like all else fails and you close the program as soon as it opened, but patience and hard work «won the game» and I started to turns it out. Two years later I continued to work with this genre and successfully doing this now.