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Someone love it, someone hate it, but i found it very interesting, and a lot of people are interested how this sound is made. So, i decided to take the initiative, and make a project.  

This is electro house (Mellbourne Bounce) VINAI Style.




• Duration: 04:03

• DAW: Ableton Live (works on v.8 & v.9)

• Plug-ins I used:

• Sylenth1;
• Spire;
• FabFilter Pro-Q 2;
• FabFilter Saturn;
• TP Basslane;
• SPL Transient Designer;
• AOM Invisible Limiter.

Please make sure you explore all the channel from the project, I'm sure you'll find a lot of tricks which will make your work easier and will increase your creativity.

I'm sure you will discover a lot of new things for you, which you can use in your future projects.




FabFilter ProQ 2

Effect Rack


Audio Clip Automations

• Note:
You If you don't have TP Bassline (Or you are on Mac) you can easily remove it, it almost won't affect the sound. You can also replace the AOM Limiter with any limiter you like, i just like to use this one.




Ableton Live Project Screenshot




In case you have any questions, preferences, proposals, and so on, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm always opened to help you.



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