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Hey guys,
Here is the BREAKDOWN and LEADS from one of my projects. It's from Anjunabeats Style Vol. 2

Full Project here: (link)




• Duration: 01:26

• DAW: Ableton Live (works on v.9.5 & up)
• Plug-ins I used:

• Sylenth1, Spire , Massive and TruePianos;
• FabFilter Pro-Q 2 (My favorite EQ plug-in);
• FabFilter Saturn;
• RCompressor (Waves), TP Basslane;
• SPL Transient Designer (Brilliant plug-in to add punch on kicks, snares, plucks, etc.)
• Oxford Native Limiter (The best limiter i used so far, alongside AOM Invisible Limiter).

I'll try to make it compatible with Ableton v8.xx & V9.xx as soon as possible.

I'm sure you will discover a lot of new things for you, which you can use in your future projects.

• Note:
This time i used more plug-ins to make the mixing more clean and louder, so you can learn more how to achieve such quality. If you don't have some of the plug-ins I used, you will have a quality sound anyway.  
If you don't have TruePiano, please contact me and I will send you the project without it, but with recorded audio channel instead.




Ableton Live Project Screenshot



In case you have any questions, preferences, proposals, and so on, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm always opened to help you.


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