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This is a ready to use template of Synthwave/Retrowave track. Everything is ready and tuned. Just open and get started making your own awesome tracks.

Template consists of drums (all samples are separated and tuned in drum rack), bass, seq, pad, leads and some simple effects. The project doesn't contain samples from third-party libraries. Everything is named, colored and grouped.

Everything could be tuned as you want for your needs. Also Check MIDI mapping. Some paths already mapped to controls for usability.

Project Details

DAW: Ableton Live (version 9+)

VSTi Plug-ins:

  • U-he TyrellN6 (it's free, check
  • U-he Podolski (it's free, check
  • OB-Xd (it's free,

VST Plug-ins:

  • Only native Ableton Live plugins

{i} All samples and synth presets can be found inside project folder.

Please note!

Melodies in this project are copyrighted and cannot be used and/or released in your own tracks/works at REGULAR licence! The musical parts in this project are presented for informational purposes only. For use these melodies and transfer rights please use the FULL licence.

Product Support

If you will have any questions or problems with this project, please feel free to contact me via comments or mail me using contact form in my profile.

Project Screenshots

Ableton Live Mixer Screenshot

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