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There are 14 loops with atmospheric sequences for any styles of music (can be usable for epic Hybrid Trailers and even for Progressive House like in the preview at 1:52). 


Project Details


Each of them recorded at 120 bpm and can be looped seamlessly.
All of them are wav (44kHz, 16 bit) and 8 bars length.


Included loops:

  • prog_seq-1 - C
  • prog_seq-1 - G
  • prog_seq-2 - C (dry)
  • prog_seq-2 - C (wet)
  • prog_seq-2 - G (dry)
  • prog_seq-2 - G (wet)
  • prog_seq-3 - A
  • prog_seq-3 - G
  • prog_seq-4 - A
  • prog_seq-4 - G
  • prog_seq-5 - A
  • prog_seq-5 - G
  • prog_seq-6 - A
  • prog_seq-6 - G


NOTE!  Track at 1:52 in the preview only an example of how and where these loops can be used. Kits and/or samples from this example are not included.  


Product Support


For support or if you have any questions you can use comments or email me via profile.




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