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I present this new Powerful Uplifting Trance Template for FL Studio in the style of FSOE and TAR#138.

This tample contain a powerful basslines, an uplifting breakdown, beautiful vocals & powerful leads

used by producers such as A&Z, Aly & Fila, Ahmed Romel, Allen Watts, Dreamy, Darren Porter, UDM & many others.

This is my remix of Ilumination by Rolfiek released in TAR#138.

Wich was supported by Amitacek, DJ Mystic, DJ Pusher, Kriess Guyte, Icedream, Iversoon & Alex Daf,Joe Commack,  Lazarus, Neil Bamford, Susy Solar & many others. 

Tempo: 140bpm.

Duration: 07:34.

DAW: FL Studio 11.1 & up versions.

Plugins Required:

  • Sylenth1.
  • Vanguard.
  • Nexus.
  • Orchestral.
  • CamelCrusher.
  • Kickstart.
  • LFOTool.
  • VahallaRoom.
  • Classic Delay.
  • Classic Compressor.
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb.
  • VahallaVintageVerb.


FL Studio Powerful Uplifting Trance Template Vol. 2 (FSOE, TAR138)


The melodies are copyrighted, you can use the presets, samples and mixer presets to create a new track.

This template is for learning purposes only!

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