5 in 1 Powerful Driving Techlifting Trance Templates Bundle + Bonus




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I present this 5 in 1 bundle + Free Bonus Template of FL Studio 11 Trance Templates I currently have available on Producerbox!

Each project is made with most popular uplifting trance style, with beat, bass, acid line and soundesign specially arranged for each specific uplifting style!

This FL Studio Bundle includes the following templates:

Techlifting Trance Template Vol.1 (Supported by TrancEye)

FL Studio Powerful Driving Uplifting Trance Template Vol. 1

FL Studio Uplifting Trance Template Vol. 1 (Abora, BTSR Style)

Powerful Uplifting Trance Template Vol.2 (FSOE, TAR138 Style)

FL Studio Uplifting Emotional Vocal Trance Template

Free Bonus Template

FL Studio Tech Trance Basslines Template Vol. 1

Plugins Required:

  • Sylenth1
  • Synth1. (Free)
  • Vanguard
  • Nexus
  • DVS Guitar. (Free)
  • TruePianos
  • Edirol Orchestral
  • XBass4000
  • SPL Transient Desingner
  • Sonalksis Creative Filter
  • Fabfilter Pro Q
  • CamelCrusher
  • VolumeShaper4
  • RBass
  • RCompressor
  • Kickstart
  • Classic Delay
  • Classic Compressor
  • VahallaRoom
  • PanCake2. (Free)
  • LFOTool
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb
  • VolumenShaper3
  • TAL Reverb 2
  • TAL Delay 3
  • TAL Flanger
  • GClip
  • Sonalksis Stereo Tools
  • Audio Damage Eos V1.0
  • V-Station
  • Hive 1.1.0
  • Sausage Fattener
  • The Glue

Please, make sure you have all needed plug-ins before buy this Bundle!

By buying this bundle you save 35%!

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