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Melodic Progressive House Template for FL Studio 20 users who want to learn making better music.

What can you learn?

The structure of a well-done track like those made by big names. The template will also help you to understand how to layer sounds, how to mix and how to master a song.

What do you need?

This template has been made in FL Studio 20.7.1 and will work with version 20 or above.

Third-party plug-ins used are: Spire, Sylenth1, Pianoteq 6, Kickstart and LFO Tool.

What can you use?

You may use the elements of this project/template in your own track(s) or for learning purposes.

Product Details:

File Size: 65 MB

Duration: 01:27

Audio Channel: 21

Midi Channel: 11

BPM: 122

DAW: FL Studio 20.7.1

VST's used:

  • Spire 1.1.17
  • Pianoteq 6.7.0
  • Sylenth1 3.067
  • Kickstart 1.0.9
  • LFO Tool.

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