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This is the full template for Logic 9.1.8, crafted to showcase the Driving Uplifting Trance style of Arctic Moon, Aly&Fila, Adam Ellis, Darren Porter and James Dymond.


 This project uses only one external AU Instrument - Sylenth1 (make sure that You have the 2.2.1 beta version!) and three external AU Effect plugins (FabFilter Saturn, OhmForce Ohmicide, Sausage Fattener).

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 It includes the full arrangement (100 tracks), instrument presets (also bounced to *.fxp, You can find them in "presets" folder), mixing, leveling, automations and FX chains

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 This track is for learning only! You can use any sound and patch to create Your own track, but can't use the track as Your own.

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 Explore the arrangement, find out how the synths have been made and put together to achieve this big Driving Trance sound, expand your synth preset library and discover new mixing techniques.

MP3 file is also available here (free download)



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  • Purchased

    The project doesn't include 100% instruments presets, there are lot of audio files : two acid sounds, pad, strings, choir pad and the guitar lead... Please update the description...

    • Author

      I can't agree with You. The description is ok. Read it carefully once again

      You are sure, the strings, choir pad, guitar lead and two acids are in WAV... but this track is my original work, and I have used some external plugins to create that sound. As You can see, this template, which is available for sale here, uses only one external generator plugin - Sylenth1. And all of the presets for Sylenth1 are bounced to *.fxp files. There's no state, that inside this template you will not see audio tracks, midi files for the WAV files are included inside.

  • Agree Tone80, I see many projects here that are most part bounced to audio files. How we can learn from bounced audio files? Ask 25 euro for a template that most part exist out of bounced audio? Shame you.

    • Author

      I can't agree with You!
      The most of the tracks are in midi - the whole bassline, few acids, pads, leads, and some FX sounds (like atmo pad, pitch riser, pitch-down-FX, etc).
      Only orchestra part from breakdown, few FX sounds (like crashes, uplifters and downlifters, reverb kicks) + two acids are in audio.

  • Purchased

    Could you at least tell us which VST(s) you used to create these acid, orchestra etc. parts?

    • Author

      Acids was made using ES2 (I can send You these presets, just send me an e-mail). The orchestra parts comes from Omnisphere + Kontakt libraries like LA Scoring Strings. The guitar is from Nexus Guitar Expansion pack.

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