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- This is the full template for Ableton Live 9.0.6, crafted to showcase the Progressive Trance style of Enhanced Music.


- This project uses three external VST Instruments - Sylenth1 (make sure that You have the 2.2.1 beta version!), Massive (version 1.3.0 or above), 4Front TruePianos and one external VST - LFOTool.


<img src=" src="//" style="width: 16px; height: 16px;" /> It includes the full arrangement (72 tracks), instrument presets (also bounced, You can find them in "presets" folder), mixinglevelingautomations and FX chains.


=> Explore the arrangement, find out how the synths have been made and put together to achieve this big Progressive Trance sound, expand your synth preset library and discover new mixing techniques.



Enjoy & leave your comments!



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Ableton Template

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