Dubstep Vol. 3 For Ableton Live




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Feed your demons in your tunes... we have for you a special dish - this disturbing DUBSTEP with TRAP elements comes to you straight from oven. Ingredients of this template is heavy drums line, dirty reese bass and hip-hop groove with devil vocals. The flavor enhancer this is clear production and spices like a FXs and experimental sound, which perfect for your own maniacal ideas.

If You don't use 'Ableton9' You can reconstructed this project in any DAW using full lengthAudio Stems + ‘ NI Massive 1.3+ ’patches and midi files.


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Technical Info:

★    23 Channels;

★    5 Group Channels;

★    1 PreMaster Channel

★    0 Drum Rack Channel;

★    11 Audio Channels;

★    6 Midi Channels;

★    0 Return Channels;

★   0 Side Chain Channel;

★    MIDI Fles.

★    Audio Files

★    VST’s Plugins Required: NI Massive 1.3+ ;

★    Genre: Dubstep;

★    Key: Cmin;

★    BPM: 73;

★    Total Length: 3,27;


Included in this Package:

✴Ableton 9 Suite Project File;

✴Bounced Full Length Audio Stems by Groups of Channels;

✴Midi with Patches for NI Massive 1.3+;

✴Project Files 54,1 MB;

✴Audio Stems 170,8 MB.







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