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This is a ready to use template of classic old school trance in style "Alone In The Dark" by Airwave.


Everything is ready and tuned. Just open and get started making your own awesome tracks.

Everything could be tuned as you want for your needs.


Project Details


DAW: For Ableton Live (version 9+)

VSTi Plug-ins
- Xfer Serum (v 1.213)

VST Plug-ins
- Cableguys VolumeShaper 4 (could be replace by similar plugin or sidechain compressor)
- XLNaudio RC-20 (not important)
- Ableton Live plugins.


{i} All samples and synths presets can be found inside project folder. 

Product Support


For template support or if you have any questions you can use comments or email me via profile.


  • Purchased

    Bought this and I love it. Anyone looking for the authentic old school sound, this guy's got it.

    Big ups to Heli. I had trouble getting that old flavor for a long time.

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