I present you, this new template, I hope this template help you understand how to make your favorite track or create your own track from scratch.

The release of this track, was under State Control Records, is my remix to the Freed Moz track When I Feel Alone, which was supported by Ferry Tayle & Dan Stone in Fables 068.

Check here: https://soundcloud.com/state-control-records/fredd-moz-when-i-feel-alone-george-crossfield-remix-as-played-by-ferry-tayle


Tempo: 138BPM

Duration: 08:23

DAW: FL Studio 11 & up versions.

Required VST:

  • Sylenth1.
  • Synth1 (Free)
  • Vanguard.
  • Nexus.
  • DVS Guitar (Free)
  • TruePianos
  • Edirol Orchestral
  • XBass4000
  • SPL Transient Desingner
  • Sonalksis Creative Filter
  • Fabfilter Pro Q
  • CamelCrusher
  • VolumeShaper4
  • RBass
  • RCompressor
  • Kickstart
  • Classic Delay
  • Classic Compressor
  • VahallaRoom
  • PanCake2 (Free)

Screen Capture

FL Studio Powerful Driving Uplifting Trance Template Vol. 1


YouTube Video Preview


The melodies are copyrighted, you cannot use any melody of this template, you can use the samples,

synth presets and mixer presets of this template, you can make a track from scratch based on this template.

This template is for learning purposes only!

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